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Stupas and a Monk

Stupas and a Monk, Chang Mai, Thailand


Taking a break…

It seems that no matter how life is going, time marches on.

My life has become full. It’s a good full, lots of love, family and new relationships have been flowing into my life. With all this activity, my blog has fallen to the wayside.

I have decided to put this blog on hold for a while to see where life takes me.

As I heal and move forward into the next chapter of my life, I would also like to take my writing skills to the next level.

I have been writing more, just not publicly. I have been honing my skills and would like to revamp my blog to highlight what I have been learning. To do this, I need a new direction.

So for the time being, I am leaving  my old writing on the blog while I work on my new skills.

So stick around. I’ll let you know when the new blog sets sail!


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