How to Eat

As a disclaimer, I want to point out that there have been a million books written on how to eat or not eat. More than likely, I am not going to solve the bad eating habits of the world in an 850 word blog entry.

Having said that, eating is much simpler then we have made it.  Organic

Our bodies are organic. When we die, we will turn back into earth. Ashes to ashes, it’s literal.

As an organism, we are meant to eat food that is organic. Organic as in matter. Not organic, a label given to food that hasn’t been sprayed and molested by inorganic material.

If you think along those lines, eating is simple. Think of the acronym for keeping things simple. KISS – Keep it Simple, Stupid.

Eat food. Food meaning that it came out of the earth. Food has roots, We come from the earth, we breathe the earth, we drink the earth. We are the earth. We need to get back to our roots, which are grounded on the earth. Eat food. Eat earth.

The earth is here to supply us with what we need. If we don’t destroy it first.

Sounds simple.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, we were also born with brains. Brains are meant to think. Thinking allows us to make choices.

Corporations and companies know we have this ability so they produce and invent things for us to choose from that seem to make our life simpler. But do they? Make it simpler, that is.

Food that comes out of a box is not food. It’s an invention. An invention invented by someone to sell to someone else so they can make money to make and sell more inventions.

My brain sees the pretty colorful pictures on the box of invented food. The signals in my brain light up, I get excited and I spend my money on the colorful yummy looking picture on the box.

I buy the box, bring it home, and eat it. I eat the invention, now I’m hooked. The visceral sensation of the invention in the box makes my brain fall in love, with the invention. The sugary viscose feel and taste of what was invented in a factory for me to feel good in the moment I eat it.

The invention has nothing to do with feeding the organism of my body, nor does it feed my soul. The invention feeds my need to be full. The invention makes me think I can’t afford to eat real food. The invention tricks my body into thinking that I want more of the invention. The marketing sells me that real food is the enemy.

IMG_3686 It goes on an on like that. We buy with our senses, our brains, and our pocket  books. We buy to satisfy a need we have. The need may not be nutritional, it may be emotional, societal, or something that was marketed to us.

If you want to eat “right”, decide what right is for you. If you want to eat healthy, eat food. Real food is kept on the exterior of the grocery store, at the farm market, and at the farm. Except for Wegman’s. Their vegetables and fruit are in the middle of the store. Shop the perimeter. Eat food, not manufactured products. The only reason to shop the aisles is to buy spices to add to the flavor of the real food you just bought.  Spices are also a nutritional staple.

If “right” for you is not about nutrition, decide why it is you are eating. Is it emotional? Boredom? Social? Are your taste buds infected by the sugary taste of the boxed variety? Sugar will eventually make you sick, if you eat a lot of it . A lot is a different amount for everyone.

Figure it out. Question your food supply. Learn, Educate yourself. Know what you are putting in the only body you have.

If you feel like crap all the time, check in with your food supply. It might be killing you.


Learn about what is really in the box

Learning how to eat right with useful information and baby steps Crazy Sexy Kitchen

An awesome book for trying to figure out why you eat the way you do:  The Yoga of Eating

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