What is Yoga Therapy?


My first Yoga Therapy client started as one of my first Pilates clients. I was a new Pilates teacher and she was one of my first volunteer students. She trusted me to guide her as I learned to teach. She stuck with me and we traveled together through my yoga teacher training’s and into my […]

To Punish or Rehabilitate?

Backward Flag

It seems to me that our culture, and many others, like to punish those who do wrong. I understand that philosophy. To a point I agree with that philosophy. My nephew is in Federal Prison. He broke a law and according to our laws he has to be punished. The word I struggle with in […]

Are you Afraid of Yoga?

Feels good.

Are you afraid of yoga? The other morning in class, one of my favorite students told me she was trying to get her father to come to yoga. She said he is only 44 and creaks when he moves. I just smiled. I hear this a lot. Yoga students who know how awesome yoga makes […]