SpringI finished teaching 2 classes today and came home to birds singing, the sun shining and the warmest day yet this spring. I love winter (yes, I said it) but the transition to spring is beautiful and awe inspiring as the flowers start to bloom and the earth sheds its doldrums.

Any transition, no matter how big or small, is life changing. Transitions, or learning experiences as I like to call them, can make or break us. Yoga is a great transition teacher. How you transition from pose to pose is done with ease or angst. You get to decide. Do I accept the transition, or do I deny the change? Transitions are a part of life. Decide for yourself how you are going to transition during the only life you have.

Make your transitions matter.

Moving forward by going Backward


In order to move forward, sometimes you have to go backwards. My daughter rows for her high school crew team. Crew is the only sport where you cross the finish line going backwards. You move forward by going backwards. It’s a conundrum. To … [Continue reading]

Just Get Over It


I spent copious amounts of time reading about divorce and how to heal from the devastation it brings to the lives of those involved. I have spent countless hours in therapy, on yoga retreats and learning about spiritual teachings in order to grow and … [Continue reading]

The Disordered Divorce


When my Ex (Fred) abruptly left our marriage, I had been in counseling for almost one year. I started counseling because Fred told me I had some serious issues I needed help with. I was the crazy one making our marriage break. I didn’t believe I … [Continue reading]

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