Mindfulness Goes Mainstream?

Anderson Cooper Finds Mindfulness

Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes went to a Mindfulness retreat with Jon Kabat-Zinn and said it changed his life! It’s a great 13 minute watch. Google is on board too. “Mindfulness is not a doing at all, it’s a being. And being doesn’t take any time.” Jon Kabat-Zinn. Anderson Cooper finds Mindfulness

Hardest Yoga Class to Teach – All Levels

Studio Sky at Upper Level Fitness

I started teaching yoga about 5 years ago in my home. To my friends. For free. My regulars grew with me and some are still with me today.  When I was given the opportunity to open a studio, I had to figure out what classes to teach. What do you name a class that doesn’t […]

Teenage Eating Habits

My breakfast

I handed my daughter my iPhone and asked her to add the stuff she wanted me to get from the store. As she took the phone, she mentioned she wanted to start eating healthier. I’m not sure what that means to her. Many people I talk to, eating healthy means to stop eating what they like […]

Verizon and Satya, or Truthfulness?


It’s common knowledge that Comcast is one of the most hated companies in the USA. Comcast doesn’t practice Satya. I have had the pleasure of trying to stop service at Comcast. It was an unpleasant experience. Today, I went to another company we all love to hate; Verizon. I was sold a land line that ended […]